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Welcome to the BrikWars Microspace Wiki

This is the BrikWars Microspace Wiki, for the Lego Digital Designer (LDD) files (LXFs or .lxfs) created by forum users for use in battles or soaps.

Classes of Ship Classification of Ship Classes

Main article: Vami's Encyclopedia Astronave

Here's the rundown on vessel classifications under their respective designations, as ordered by size:

Classes of the Tactical Designation

Classes of the Battle Designation

Classes of the Misc., Capital and WOAH Designations


This is the Grand Table of LXF Links. Here, one can find all the LXFs I've managed to gather and scavenge from the members of the BrikWars forum.


Name and LXF File




Page (Optional)

Assyrian Naval Catalogue All of them The Shadowsythe, Vami_IV Assyrian Empire Assyrian Naval Catalogue
Avonmouth Battleship, 4th Rate Newcowboy Britanian Empire
Glasgow Battleship, 2nd Rate Dilanski Britanian Empire
Britanian Naval Catalogue All of them The Shadowscythe Britanian Empire

El Burro

Battleship Vami IV Emerian Empire El Burro
San Lorenzo Battleship Vami IV Emerian Empire San Lorenzo
Empress MK. I-IIIA Super Heavy Battleship The Shadowscythe, Battlegrinder Grand Scythian Empire
Emperor MK. II Heavy Battleship The Shadowscythe, Battlegrinder Grand Scythian Empire
Overlord Mk. II Dreadnought The Shadowscythe, Battlegrinder Grand Scythian Empire
Scythian Naval Catalogue N/A The Shadowscythe, Vami IV, Battlegrinder Grand Scythian Empire
The Immolator Star Juggernaut (Super Dreadnought) Dilanski Immortal Empire Immortal Immolator
Vanguard Frigate Dilanski Praetorian Empire
Deathstalker Destroyer Dilanski Praetorian Empire
Azrael Cruiser Colette Praetorian Empire
Triton Heavy Cruiser Dilanski Praetorian Empire
Insolent Assault Dilanski Praetorian Empire
Crucible Carrier Dilanski Praetorian Empire
Vendetta Battleship Dilanski Praetorian Empire
Vendetta, AN Pattern Allied Nations
Heathen Battleship Dilanski Praetorian Empire Heathen Series
Exodus Heavy Dreadnought Dilanski Praetorian Empire
Inexorable Siege Dreadnought Dilanski Praetorian Empire Inexorable
Polish Naval Catalogue All of them Duerer Polish Confederation
Angolna Frigate Duerer (with edits by Vami) Republic of Magyar
Capa Destroyer Duerer (with edits by Vami) Republic of Magyar
Albatrosz Heavy Cruiser Gorthaff Republic of Magyar

Szent István

Heavy Battleship Gorthaff Republic of Magyar
Siegfried Carrier Duerer Space Nazis
Jungingen Cruiser Duerer Teutonic Knights
Star of David Battleship Duerer Time Traveling Super Jews

Non-Affiliated Ships AKA When Scythe Gets Bored

While some of these ships aren't built by Scythe, sometimes he gets bored (possibly at work) and/or sloshed, he builds ships that don't - and probably never will - belong to a faction. Other times, some people also get bored / creative and build Multi Faction ships.

Name Class Creator Faction (HA HA HA) Page
Tycoon- Hauler Freighter Dilanski Multi-Corporate
Tycoon- Gas Tanker Freighter Dilanski Multi-Coporate
Assorted Extra Ships A Variety The Shadowscythe N/A
Mass Produced Frigates Heavy Frigate Whiteagle N/A
Sokoł Freighter Duerer Polish Confederation

Latest activity

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San Lorenzo Mk.IV

My latest work on the San Lorenzo

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