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The Praetorian Empire is a major naval power and member of NATO. It originates from the Omegalon dwarf galaxy. As one of the smaller nations of the Brikverse, Praetoria prospers from (relative) peace within it's borders as a result. Though it may appear that Praetoria is riding the waves of a renaissance, it is actually one of the most oppressive nations in the entire Brikverse.

Table of ShipsEdit

Name Type Creator Page
Vanguard Friagte Dilanski
Vendetta Battleship Dilanski
Deathstalker Destroyer Dilanski
Azrael Cruiser Colette
Triton Heavy Cruiser Dilanski
Insolent Cassier Dilanski
Heathen Super Battleship Dilanski Heathen Series


Exodus Dreadnought Dilanski
Inexorable Siege Dreadnought Dilanski Inexorable


  • The real life Praetorians were the personal guards of the Emperors of Rome.

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